Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hope is a special ability where it depends whether you have personal confidence. It helps people be more positive than negative. Most people could be able to maintain it within years but other cant sometimes with them bringing themselves down it makes them loose their hope in their actions or what they want to do later on. Hope can be hard to find in someone who ant believe in what they do personally hope comes from self confidence. If you cant have a positive mindset it wont be something you already personally have, its something to personally be able to build it up. What personally gives me hope is me accomplishing thing it makes my hop get stronger and be able to believe in myself. What also gives me hope is my people that cheer me on in something I've done. Somethings that threatens being able to have hope is having to take other peoples opinions and have to be taking it out on our personal abilities. Hope can be restored by being able to accomplish new things and have self motivation on what you do.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

Image result for The Ones Who Walk Away from OmelasSociety in this story," The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas", has become so focused on how people leave and act differently, How young children were smart and full of joy, Once they saw the boy which had no clothes, naked ,the boy who was very skinny due to the food they eat. He would be ignored by people who passed by. Society would think that it would always have to be the same and have the same mindset. The child represented the major change in between the child and other people who would speak no word what so ever about him. He represents how one major change can effect how someone thinks when they see another person who doesn't have the same mindset, doesn't know how it would be like to have the same things. Terms were being so strict towards the kid and strict on how other kids are different than him. The storys' society from my owns isn't very different after all. Society on my own and in the story have many things in common, most people expect the same from every person which everyone isn't the same. Right when they see someone different they either push them out of their life or ignore them without knowing the real them or their backround . Not always people will be listening to someones background , theyll always have things their way.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Social Justice

Image result for social justiceIn the Ted talk "A prosecutor's vision for a better justice system" by Adam Foss ,talks about how prosecutors see a different perspective of the negative things that some kids do at a young age. He give many personal experiences that makes you feel as if you were their experiencing them with him. He talks about many cases which young adults are trying to be put in adult jail and he helps them ,fights for them to get help instead of trying to learn a lesson in a place that might make you worse. He helps out many young people, children that make bad choices but he proves that maybe they've had past experiences ,that maybe they should have a second chance that will change them and will help them mentally and physically. Also when  Adam Foss talks about his personal experience he talks how he would go to court and see the people who needed or wanted help but no one would hear their side of the story or they wouldn't hear what they had to say. People who stole, did any small street crimes were either sick, homeless, mental would be sent away and never get the help thy needed to get. They wouldn't learn from their mistakes they would just regret what they did it that one time and probably do it again but less obvious. Foss shows how his point of view sees other peoples cases with no doubt but feeling bad for them. He shows how were always talking about the police but how we never talk about the prosecutor's .Usually we never even hear the word prosecutor's in out mouth because some when thy hear it right away they think what they did is bad or we get negative thoughts, comments about them. We never usually put ourselves in their shows or what would be the best for them personally not just society.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Flow The Secret To Happiness" Ted talk

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In the ted talk, "Flow The Secret To Happiness" , Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi talks about him researching on if we really feel happiness or not. He also talks about ecstasy . Also how you should have control , also to go with the flow. How you should not let others take over your life , just let things happen and happiness will happen. He talks about money not being a way to buy happiness but to be able to have happiness when its not forced. Having a successful job can lad to a healthy, happy life. You can work hard and still have happiness, not always take the easy side. Always be involved at one hing at a time , to be concentrated at what you do . Don't always do the same routine everyday, it will get boring, be able to switch your lifestyle once in a while. People always expert someone to be motivating and it is good but when theirs no motivation you don't intend to motivate yourself. People just have to start thinking to go with the flow and they will end up with the reward that might be happiness. He always states to never have to worry about yourself , to be able to know the sense of serenity. The everyday life of people can be challenging. The "flow" will always be something people really want to do unlike what you have to do. They can learn to do it when their are not in their "comfort zone" anymore so they will be able to do what they want and not worry about other things. Being able to contribute to experiences may be most of the time when "flow" happens.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Surprising Science of Happiness

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Dan GIlbert in the ted talk , "The Surprising Science of Happiness." argues that forcing happiness sometimes dosent actualy make you happy since you dont exactly get what you want . Gilbert suppots his argument by comparing the reasons that natural happiness is something way different than synthetic happiness. He gives examples on a expiriment he did on people with a disease and shows if they really choose the painting they dont like and leave the one they actually like. Gilberta purpose if this ted talk was to be able to tell people to not force happiness and just go with the flow. 
     In the talk "The Surprising Science of Happiness."  by Dan Gilbert argues that human beings want to see the changes in the world to see the changes and make them feel better.  He shows quotes of people that talk on how happy they are on successes they've done.  He compares "Synthetic happiness" and "Natural happiness" and how they're different. Happiness is Synthesis, in the experiment on people that are diagnosed  amnesia would change their opinion by their happiness on prints. Sometimes people that are just wanting happiness tend to guess more and not let happiness happened when it wants too. He proved that Synthetic Happiness is real, due t the experiment it showed how Normal controls showed the ones that weren't owned and the ones owned were changing their mind on something else. Usually people guess on something that isn't actually what you really want but it shows synthetic happiness. He shows that Students choose one and want to force themselves like it and the ones who left it behind may be he one that really does make them happier because they like it. He argues that people don't actually know that synthetic happiness grows. Somethings are better than others but when its in between choosing people intend to lie when their bounded and when their unbounded you more cautious. He argues that we are almost always trying to chase our experience and not let it happen when it has to

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Image result for happinessMy family is the main thing that makes me happy. Being able to have a bond with them like no one else. Being able to experience more places and things with them. Having happiness is the key to have a good life and to not always live with much to worry about. We shouldnt be worrying about if everyday we need happiness also. We have different emotions for different times. Its okay to not be happy all the time but to make the best of it. Most people always depend on happiness , they think its always gonna be happiness and when their put on a situation thats very difficult and that they cant handle will bring their self-steam down. For example I try to make the best out of everyday because you never know what will be your last. If it makes me fight for my happiness than I will. Happiness that is something that lightens your day if its raining or sunny no matter what it will make your day way better. I try my best to stay as happy everyday and to not make something or someone the problem of my day. Their is always gonna be obstacles that will have you struggle and think upon your happiness.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Grit: The power of passion and perseverence

The power of having passion and perseverance takes an important role in not only our lives but also others. Having passion means that's you have a strong emotion towards a person or anything  ,you have lots of desire of something. It matters because we hold passion for sports ,family ,friends or anything that has you full interest in it . Me personally i have demonstrated my passion towards a sport, Soccer its my passion and something that will distract me if I'm having a bad day. Being able to have a passion toward a sport for so long is the best feeling to just take everything out on the field and forget every little problem their is. I never really had something that had my full attention or that was my passion, so it was weird at first to everyone including my family that i had passion toward a sport that only my boy cousins loved. So i was always got taught something new everyday when i would watch games and when i started playing the sport it was like I forgot everything, all my problems would disappear when i would put on that uniform and step on the field.Image result for power and perseverance